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    Descartes a Study of His Philosophy.Anthony John Patrick Kenny - 1968 - St. Augustine's Press.
  2. Mental Health in Plato's Republic.Anthony John Patrick Kenny - 1969 - Published for the British Academy by the Oxford University Press.
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    Aquinas.Anthony John Patrick Kenny - 1980 - Oxford University Press, C1980.
    The historical context of the philosophical work of St. Thomas Aquinas, by D. Knowles.--Form and existence, by P. Geach.--Categories, by H. McCabe.--Analogy as a rule of meaning for religious language, by J. F. Ross.--Nominalism, by P. Geach.--St. Thomas' doctrine of necessary being, by P. Brown.--The proof ex motu for the existence of God; logical analysis of St. Thomas' arguments, by J. Salamucha.--Infinite causal regression, by P. Brown.--St. Thomas Aquinas and the language of total dependence, by J. N. Deck.--Divine foreknowledge and (...)
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    A Reply by Anthony Kenny.Anthony John Patrick Kenny - 1971 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 9 (4):497-498.
  5. Philosophical Letters.René Descartes & Anthony John Patrick Kenny - 1970 - Blackwell.
  6. Act and Object in the Philosophy of the Emotions and of the Will.Anthony John Patrick Kenny - 1961
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  7. Tomás Akvinský.Anthony John Patrick Kenny - 1993 - Institut Pro Stredoevropskou Kulturu a Politiku.
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  8. An Anthology of Why?Julius Kovesi, Anthony John Patrick Kenny & Janet Kovesi Watt - 1999
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  9. The Cambridge History of Later Medieval Philosophy From the Rediscovery of Aristotle to the Disintegration of Scholasticism, 1100-1600 /Editors, Norman Kretzmann, Anthony Kenny, Jan Pinborg ; Associate Editor, Eleonore Stump. --. --. [REVIEW]Norman Kretzmann, Anthony John Patrick Kenny & Jan Pinborg - 1982 - Cambridge University Press, C1982.
  10. Bryan Magee Talks to Anthony Kenny About Medieval Philosophy.Bryan Magee, Anthony John Patrick Kenny, Inc Bbc Education & Training, B. B. C. Worldwide Americas & Films for the Humanities - 1987 - Films for the Humanities & Sciences [Distributor].