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    Conceptualizations of Big Data and Their Epistemological Claims in Healthcare: A Discourse Analysis.Antoinette de Bont, Rik Wehrens & Marthe Stevens - 2018 - Big Data and Society 5 (2).
    In recent years, the healthcare field welcomed an emerging field of practices captured under the umbrella term ‘Big Data’. This term is surrounded with positive rhetoric and promises about the ability to analyse real-world data quickly and comprehensively. Such rhetoric is highly consequential in shaping debates on Big Data. While the fields of Science and Technology Studies and Critical Data Studies have been instrumental in elaborating the neglected and problematic dimensions of Big Data, it remains an open question how and (...)
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    Information Rx: Prescribing Good Consumerism and Responsible Citizenship. [REVIEW]Samantha Adams & Antoinette de Bont - 2007 - Health Care Analysis 15 (4):273-290.
    Recent medical informatics and sociological literature has painted the image of a new type of patient—one that is reflexive and informed, with highly specified information needs and perceptions, as well as highly developed skills and tactics for acquiring information. Patients have been re-named “reflexive consumers.” At the same time, literature about the questionable reliability of web-based information has suggested the need to create both user tools that have pre-selected information and special guidelines for individuals to use to check the individual (...)
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    The Role of Screenings Methods and Risk Profile Assessments in Prevention and Health Promotion Programmes: An Ethnographic Analysis.Yvonne J. F. M. Jansen & Antoinette A. de Bont - 2010 - Health Care Analysis 18 (4):389-401.
    In prevention and health promotion interventions, screening methods and risk profile assessments are often used as tools for establishing the interventions’ effectiveness, for the selection and determination of the health status of participants. The role these instruments fulfil in the creation of effectiveness and the effects these instruments have themselves remain unexplored. In this paper, we have analysed the role screening methods and risk profile assessments fulfil as part of prevention and health promotion programmes in the selection, enrolment and participation (...)
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    Women’s Viewpoints on Egg Freezing in Austria: An Online Q-Methodology Study.Johanna Kostenzer, Antoinette de Bont & Job van Exel - 2021 - BMC Medical Ethics 22 (1):1-12.
    Background Egg freezing has emerged as a technology of assisted reproductive medicine that allows women to plan for the anticipated loss of fertility and hence to preserve the option to conceive with their own eggs. The technology is surrounded by value-conflicts and is subject to ongoing discussions. This study aims at contributing to the empirical-ethical debate by exploring women’s viewpoints on egg freezing in Austria, where egg freezing for social reasons is currently not allowed. Methods Q-methodology was used to identify (...)
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