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    Covert Agency with Proprioceptive Feedback.Anton Lethin - 2005 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 12 (4-5):96-114.
    : Marcel says that the experience of ownership of actions is given in the specifications for action. He is referring not to a bodily movement but that which precedes it. Is the body involved or are all the changes in the brain? This paper examines the evidence for changes in the spinal cord and muscles that occur with motor imagery, simulation and preparation. There are changes in the alpha motoneurons and in the gamma motoneurons to the muscle spindles. These may (...)
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  2. Anticipating Sensitizes the Body.Anton Lethin - 2008 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 7 (2):279-300.
    With emotional motivation the organism prepares the body to obtain a goal. There is an anticipatory sensitization of the sensory systems in the body and the brain. Presynaptic facilitation of the sensory afference in the spinal cord is probably involved. In a second stage the higher centers develop an action image/plan to realize the goal, modifying the initial preparations in the body. The subject experiences the changes in the body as a feeling. Three empirical studies supporting this description are summarized. (...)
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    How Do We Embody Intentionality?Anton Lethin - 2002 - In Martin Hahn & B. Ramberg (eds.), Journal of Consciousness Studies. MIT Press. pp. 36-44.
    The enactive view states that mental processes are embodied in the sensorimotor activity of the organism. This paper seeks to show how it is possible to be conscious of intentions in an embodied way, by adding detail about muscle spindle action to a theory put forward by Damasio. Consciousness is here understood as the awareness of our intentionality. This is a motor plan to interact with the environment, and is expressed in the body. As the body prepares the muscles to (...)
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