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    Mirror Neurons Through the Lens of Epigenetics.Pier F. Ferrari, Antonella Tramacere, Elizabeth A. Simpson & Atsushi Iriki - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (9):450-457.
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    Reconsidering the Role of Manual Imitation in Language Evolution.Antonella Tramacere & Richard Moore - 2018 - Topoi 37 (2):319-328.
    In this paper, we distinguish between a number of different phenomena that have been called imitation, and identify one form—a high fidelity mechanism for social learning—considered to be crucial for the development of language. Subsequently, we consider a common claim in the language evolution literature, which is that prior to the emergence of vocal language our ancestors communicated using a sophisticated gestural protolanguage, the learning of some parts of which required manual imitation. Drawing upon evidence from recent work in neuroscience, (...)
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    The Emotional Modulation of Facial Mimicry: A Kinematic Study.Antonella Tramacere, Pier F. Ferrari, Maurizio Gentilucci, Valeria Giuffrida & Doriana De Marco - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
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    Neonatal Imitation and an Epigenetic Account of Mirror Neuron Development.Elizabeth A. Simpson, Nathan A. Fox, Antonella Tramacere & Pier F. Ferrari - 2014 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (2):220-220.