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    The Simon Effect in Action: Planning and/or On‐Line Control Effects?Claudia Scorolli, Antonello Pellicano, Roberto Nicoletti, Sandro Rubichi & Umberto Castiello - 2015 - Cognitive Science 39 (5):972-991.
    Choice reaction tasks are performed faster when stimulus location corresponds to response location. This spatial stimulus–response compatibility effect affects performance at the level of action planning and execution. However, when response selection is completed before movement initiation, the Simon effect arises only at the planning level. The aim of this study was to ascertain whether when a precocious response selection is requested, the Simon effect can be detected on the kinematics characterizing the online control phase of a non-ballistic movement. Participants (...)
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    Gaze Direction and Facial Expressions Exert Combined but Different Effects on Attentional Resources.Paola Ricciardelli, Cristina Iani, Luisa Lugli, Antonello Pellicano & Roberto Nicoletti - 2012 - Cognition and Emotion 26 (6):1134-1142.
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    Gender Effects in Observation of Robotic and Humanoid Actions.Miriam Abel, Sinem Kuz, Harshal J. Patel, Henning Petruck, Christopher M. Schlick, Antonello Pellicano & Ferdinand C. Binkofski - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
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