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    Testimony from a Popperian perspective.Antoni Diller - 2008 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 38 (4):419-456.
    Currently, testimony is studied extensively in Anglo-American philosophy. However, most of this work is done from a justificationist perspective in which philosophers try to justify our reliance on testimony in some way. I agree with Popper that justificationism is radically mistaken. Thus, I construct an account of how we respond to testimony that in no way attempts to justify our reliance on it. This account is not a straightforward exegesis of Popper, as he never tackled testimony systematically. It makes use, (...)
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  2. On Critical and Pancritical Rationalism.Antoni Diller - 2013 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 43 (2):127-156.
    Bartley’s pancritical rationalism is seen by some as being a refinement of Popper’s critical rationalism. I contest this view and argue that pancritical rationalism is obtained from critical rationalism by removing some of its most important and useful features. The remainder consists of a restatement of some of Popper’s key ideas and an interpretation of others that I attempt to show is not entirely faithful to what Popper says.
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    On the sense of unsaturated expressions.Antoni Diller - 1993 - Philosophical Papers 22 (1):71-79.
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    Detecting Androids.Antoni Diller - 1999 - Philosophy Now 25:26-28.
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    Designing Androids.Antoni Diller - 2003 - Philosophy Now 42:28-31.
  6. On the interpretation of incomplete expressions.Antoni Diller - 1993 - Logique Et Analyse 36 (141-142):75-104.