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    Know Yourself and You Shall Know the Other… to a Certain Extent: Multiple Paths of Influence of Self-Reflection on Mindreading☆.Giancarlo Dimaggio, Paul H. Lysaker, Antonino Carcione, Giuseppe Nicolò & Antonio Semerari - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (3):778-789.
    Social and neurocognitive research suggests that thinking about one’s own thinking and thinking about the thinking of others—termed ‘mindreading’, ‘metacognition’, ‘social cognition’ or ‘mentalizing’ are not identical activities. The ability though to think about thinking in the first person is nevertheless related to the ability to think about other’s thoughts in the third person. Unclear is how these phenomena influence one another. In this review, we explore how self-reflection and autobiographical memory influence the capacity to think about the thoughts and (...)
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    Impaired Self-Reflection in Psychiatric Disorders Among Adults: A Proposal for the Existence of a Network of Semi Independent Functions.Giancarlo Dimaggio, Stijn Vanheule, Paul H. Lysaker, Antonino Carcione & Giuseppe Nicolò - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (3):653-664.
    Self-reflection plays a key role in healthy human adaptation. Self-reflection might involve different capacities which may be impaired to different degrees relatively independently of one another. Variation in abilities for different forms of self-reflection are commonly seen as key aspects of many adult mental disorders. Yet little has been written about whether there are different kinds of deficits in self-reflection found in mental illness, how those deficits should be distinguished from one another and how to characterize the extent to which (...)
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    Metacognition as a Predictor of Improvements in Personality Disorders.Antonino Carcione, Ilaria Riccardi, Elena Bilotta, Luigi Leone, Roberto Pedone, Laura Conti, Livia Colle, Donatella Fiore, Giuseppe Nicolò, Giovanni Pellecchia, Michele Procacci & Antonio Semerari - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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