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  1. Complete Chemical Synthesis, Assembly, and Cloning of a Mycoplasma Genitalium Genome.Daniel Gibson, Benders G., A. Gwynedd, Cynthia Andrews-Pfannkoch, Evgeniya Denisova, Baden-Tillson A., Zaveri Holly, Stockwell Jayshree, B. Timothy, Anushka Brownley, David Thomas, Algire W., A. Mikkel, Chuck Merryman, Lei Young, Vladimir Noskov, Glass N., I. John, J. Craig Venter, Clyde Hutchison, Smith A. & O. Hamilton - 2008 - Science 319 (5867):1215--1220.
    We have synthesized a 582,970-base pair Mycoplasma genitalium genome. This synthetic genome, named M. genitalium JCVI-1.0, contains all the genes of wild-type M. genitalium G37 except MG408, which was disrupted by an antibiotic marker to block pathogenicity and to allow for selection. To identify the genome as synthetic, we inserted "watermarks" at intergenic sites known to tolerate transposon insertions. Overlapping "cassettes" of 5 to 7 kilobases (kb), assembled from chemically synthesized oligonucleotides, were joined by in vitro recombination to produce intermediate (...)
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    Ethical Challenges in Mental Health Research Among Internally Displaced People: Ethical Theory and Research Implementation. [REVIEW]Chesmal Siriwardhana, Anushka Adikari, Kaushalya Jayaweera & Athula Sumathipala - 2013 - BMC Medical Ethics 14 (1):13-.
    Millions of people undergo displacement in the world. Internally displaced people (IDP) are especially vulnerable as they are not protected by special legislation in contrast to other migrants. Research conducted among IDPs must be correspondingly sensitive in dealing with ethical issues that may arise. Muslim IDPs in Puttalam district in the North-Western province of Sri Lanka were initially displaced from Northern Sri Lanka due to the conflict in 1991. In the backdrop of a study exploring the prevalence of common mental (...)
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    Sociology of Religion Today: Practices of Thought and Learning.Ravi Nandan Singh, Anushka Goel, Nabanipa Bhattacharjee & Urmi Bhattacharyya - 2019 - Journal of Human Values 25 (3):190-201.
    This conversation attempts to critically map out the field of sociology/anthropology of religion as it is practised in select institutions of learning in India. The focus is not merely on the class...
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    Composite Sequential Modeling for Identifying Fake Reviews.Rupal Bhargava, Anushka Baoni & Yashvardhan Sharma - 2019 - Journal of Intelligent Systems 28 (3):409-422.
    This paper presents a comprehensive analysis and comparison of various proposed sequential models based on different deep networks such as the convolutional neural network, long short-term memory, and recurrent neural network. The different sequential models are analyzed based on the number of layers, the number of output dimensions, order, and the combination of different deep network architectures. The proposed approach is compared to a baseline model based on traditional machine learning techniques.
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