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    Proximal Intentions, Non-executed Proximal Intentions and Change of Intentions.Ariel Furstenberg - 2014 - Topoi 33 (1):1-10.
    This paper investigates the conceptual and empirical possibility of non-executed, non-conscious proximal intentions, i.e., non-conscious proximal intentions to act that do not turn into a final act, but perhaps are vetoed or overcome by an alternative action. It constructs a conceptual framework in which such cases are justifiably considered ‘proximal intentions’. This is achieved by combining Alfred Mele’s notion of non-conscious proximal intentions together with the notion of trying or striving taken from Brian O’Shaughnessy’s model of action. With this framework (...)
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    Effect of Aging on Change of Intention.Ariel Furstenberg, Callum D. Dewar, Haim Sompolinsky, Robert T. Knight & Leon Y. Deouell - 2019 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13.
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    From reflex to reflection: Moving from the space of causes to the space of reasons and back.Ariel Furstenberg - 2020 - Open Philosophy 3 (1):681-693.
    This article proposes to narrow the gap between the space of reasons and the space of causes. By articulating the standard phenomenology of reasons and causes, we investigate the cases in which the clear-cut divide between reasons and causes starts to break down. Thus, substituting the simple picture of the relationship between the space of reasons and the space of causes with an inverted and complex one, in which reasons can have a causal-like phenomenology and causes can have a reason-like (...)
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