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Artemij Keidan
Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
  1. Meaningfulness, the Unsaid and Translatability. Instead of an Introduction.Artemij Keidan - 2015 - Open Linguistics 1:634-649.
    The present paper opens this topical issue on translation techniques by drawing a theoretical basis for the discussion of translational issues in a linguistic perspective. In order to forward an audience- oriented definition of translation, I will describe different forms of linguistic variability, highlighting how they present different difficulties to translators, with an emphasis on the semantic and communicative complexity that a source text can exhibit. The problem is then further discussed through a comparison between Quine's radically holistic position and (...)
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    Understanding a Philosophical Text. The Problem of “Meaning” in Jayanta’s Nyāyamañjarī, Book 5.Elisa Freschi & Artemij Keidan - 2017 - In Patrick McAllister (ed.), Reading Bhaṭṭa Jayanta on Buddhist Nominalism. Vienna: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. pp. 251-290.
    The authors make an attempt to comparatively analyse some stances of the Old Indian philosophy of language, exemplified by the Medieval Indian author Jayanta, along with the Western tradition of the analytical philosophy of language, and to highlight the differences as well as the similarities. The main focus is on Jayanta's discussion of the meaning vs. reference problem.
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