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Arthur F. Walker [4]Arthur Frank Walker [1]
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    The Problem of Weakness of Will.Arthur F. Walker - 1989 - Noûs 23 (5):653-676.
    Philosophical discussions of akrasia over the last fifteen years have focused on certain skeptical arguments which purport to question the possibility of a kind of akratic action which, following Pears, I call 'last ditch akrasia' (Pears [38]). An agent, succumbing to last ditch akrasia, freely, knowingly, and intentionally performs an action A against his better judgment that an incompatible action B is the better thing to do. (See Audi [1] for a detailed analysis.) Last ditch akrasia is not the only (...)
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    One Type of Counter Example to the Causal Theory of Knowing.Arthur F. Walker - 1979 - Philosophical Studies 36 (1):107 - 110.
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    Justified Belief and Internal Acceptability.Arthur F. Walker - 1986 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 16 (3):493 - 502.
    Certain examples involving negatively relevant evidence are trouble for reliabilists, since they show that reliability is not sufficient for justification. Two approaches for dealing with these examples within the reliabilist framework have been taken. Neither approach, however, can account for all cases involving nre. This I will argue. I will explain the two approaches briefly, then describe a counter example which calls for a difference approach. To handle the case I describe, one needs torequire that the agent's belief be ‘internally (...)
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    An Occurrent Theory of Practical and Theoretical Reasoning.Arthur F. Walker - 1985 - Philosophical Studies 48 (2):199 - 210.