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    Man's Destiny in Eternity.Arthur Holly Compton (ed.) - 1970 - Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press.
    Preface, by F. L. Windolph.--A modern concept of God, by A. H. Compton.--The immortality of man, by J. Maritain.--The idea of God in the mind of man, by M. Royden.--Psychical research and the life beyond death, by H. Hart.--Religion and modern knowledge, by R. Niebuhr.--Immortality in the light of science and philosophy, by W. E. Hocking.--"To whom shall ye liken God?" By C. E. Park.--Man's destiny in eternity, by W. L. Sperry.--The idea of God as affected by modern knowledge, by (...)
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  2. The Freedom of Man.Arthur Holly Compton - 1935 - New York: Greenwood Press.
    A great physicist, winner of the Noble Prize in 1927, here gives his views of man’s place in the world. His position is unmistakable and he states it with clarity and vigor. Mankind, in the author’s opinion, is far from a creature who fundamentally obeys inevitable laws; the universe is fundamentally unpredictable and man is fundamentally free.
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  3. The Human Meaning of Science.Arthur Holly Compton - 1940 - Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina Press.
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