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    Head Transplants, Personal Identity and Neuroethics.Assya Pascalev, Mario Pascalev & James Giordano - 2016 - Neuroethics 9 (1):15-22.
    The possibility of a human head transplant poses unprecedented philosophical and neuroethical questions. Principal among them are the personal identity of the resultant individual, her metaphysical and social status: Who will she be and how should the “new” person be treated - morally, legally and socially - given that she incorporates characteristics of two distinct, previously unrelated individuals, and possess both old and new physical, psychological, and social experiences that would not have been available without the transplant? We contend that (...)
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  2. You Are What You Eat: Genetically Modified Foods, Integrity, and Society. [REVIEW]Assya Pascalev - 2003 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 16 (6):583-594.
    Thus far, the moral debateconcerning genetically modified foods (GMF) hasfocused on extrinsic consequentialist questionsabout the health effects, environmental impacts,and economic benefits of such foods. Thisextrinsic approach to the morality of GMF isdependent on unsubstantiated empirical claimsand fails to account for the intrinsic moralvalue of food and food choice and theirconnection to the agent's concept of the goodlife. I develop a set of objections to GMFgrounded in the concept of integrity andmaintain that food and food choice can beintimately connected to the (...)
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    Images of Death and Dying in the Intensive Care Unit.Assya Pascalev - 1996 - Journal of Medical Humanities 17 (4):219-236.
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    Protection of Human Beings Trafficked for the Purpose of Organ Removal : Recommendations.Assya Pascalev, Kristof Van Assche, Judit Sándor, Natalia Codreanu, Anwar Naqvi, Martin Gunnarson, Mihaela Frunza & Jordan Yankov - 2016 - Transplantation Direct 2 (2).
    This report presents a comprehensive set of recommendations for protection of human beings who are trafficked for the purpose of organ removal or are targeted for such trafficking. Developed by an interdisciplinary group of international experts under the auspices of the project Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Organ Removal, these recommendations are grounded in the view that an individual who parts with an organ for money within an illegal scheme is ipso facto a victim and that the (...)
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    ‘Vague Oviedo’: Autonomy, Culture and the Case of Previously Competent Patients.Assya Pascalev & Takis Vidalis - 2010 - Bioethics 24 (3):145-152.
    The paper examines the ethical and legal challenges of making decisions for previously competent patients and the role of advance directives and legal representatives in light of the Oviedo Convention. The paper identifies gaps in the Convention that result in conflicting instructions in cases of a disagreement between the expressed prior wishes of a patient, and the legal representative. The authors also examine the legal and moral status of informally expressed prior wishes of patients unable to consent. The authors argue (...)
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