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    Model-Baded Abduction Via Dual Resolution.Fernando Soler-Toscano, Ángel Nepomuceno-fernández & Atocha Aliseda-Llera - 2006 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 14 (2):305-319.
    This papers presents δ-resolution, a dual resolution calculus. It is based on standard resolution, and used appropriate formulae equivalent to disjunctive normal forms, instead of conjunctive normal ones, as it is the case for resolution. This duality is then useful to create a calculus for abductive process, as a way to construct a set of abductive solutions. The proposed calculus is compared to semantic tableaux, an standard logical framework, aslo illuminating when studying abduction.δ-resolution calculus is a contribution to logic programming, (...)
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    Abduction Via C-Tableaux and Δ-Resolution.Fernando Soler-Toscano, Ángel Nepomuceno-Fernández & Atocha Aliseda-Llera - 2009 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 19 (2):211-225.
    The formalization of abductive reasoning has received increasing attention from logicians. However, few work is found beyond abduction in propositional logic, given that in a first order formalism, the undecidability problem naturally appears, and therefore an abductive problem cannot even be appropriately formulated. Still, many applications in artificial intelligence allow finite domains to work with, and this gives an opportunity to apply abduction in first order logic with restricted domains. In this paper, we present an approach to abductive reasoning in (...)
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