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    Mirror Neurons Through the Lens of Epigenetics.Pier F. Ferrari, Antonella Tramacere, Elizabeth A. Simpson & Atsushi Iriki - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (9):450-457.
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    Neural Reuse: A Polysemous and Redundant Biological System Subserving Niche-Construction.Atsushi Iriki - 2010 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (4):276-277.
    Novel functions, which emerge by reusing existing resources formerly adapted to other original usages, cannot be anticipated before the need eventually arises. Simple reuse must be accidental. However, to survive the evolutionary race, one cannot merely keep hoping for a string of good fortune. So, successful species might be gifted with and biological mechanisms to prepare for future reuse. Neural reuse must be extrapolated from such mechanisms.
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    Auditory-Motor Matching in Vocal Recognition and Imitative Learning.Antonella Tramacere, Pier Francesco Ferrari, Atsushi Iriki, Kazuo Okanoya & Kazuhiro Wada - 2019 - Neuroscience 409:222-234.
    Songbirds possess mirror neurons (MNs) activating during the perception and execution of specific features of songs. These neurons are located in high vocal center (HVC), a premotor nucleus implicated in song perception, production and learning, making worth to inquire their properties and functions in vocal recognition and imitative learning. By integrating a body of brain and behavioral data, we discuss neurophysiology, anatomical, computational properties and possible functions of songbird MNs. -/- We state that the neurophysiological properties of songbird MNs depends (...)
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