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    Overlapping Consensus Thin and Thick: John Rawls and Simone Weil.Aviad Heifetz & Enrico Minelli - 2016 - Philosophical Investigations 39 (4):362-384.
    John Rawls and Simone Weil presented two distinct conceptions of political justice, aimed at articulating a common ethos in an inherently heterogeneous society. The terms of the former, chiefly concerned with the distribution of primary goods, underwrite much of today's Western democracies political liberalism. The terms of the latter, chiefly concerned with the way interaction is organised in social activities in view of the body and soul's balancing pairs of needs, are less well known. We explain the sense in which (...)
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    Iterative and Fixed Point Common Belief.Aviad Heifetz - 1999 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 28 (1):61-79.
    We define infinitary extensions to classical epistemic logic systems, and add also a common belief modality, axiomatized in a finitary, fixed-point manner. In the infinitary K system, common belief turns to be provably equivalent to the conjunction of all the finite levels of mutual belief. In contrast, in the infinitary monotonic system, common belief implies every transfinite level of mutual belief but is never implied by it. We conclude that the fixed-point notion of common belief is more powerful than the (...)
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    Infinitary S5‐Epistemic Logic.Aviad Heifetz - 1997 - Mathematical Logic Quarterly 43 (3):333-342.
    It is known that a theory in S5-epistemic logic with several agents may have numerous models. This is because each such model specifies also what an agent knows about infinite intersections of events, while the expressive power of the logic is limited to finite conjunctions of formulas. We show that this asymmetry between syntax and semantics persists also when infinite conjunctions are permitted in the language. We develop a strengthened S5-axiomatic system for such infinitary logics, and prove a strong completeness (...)
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    An Economic Theorists' Reading of Simone Weil.Aviad Heifetz & Enrico Minelli - 2008 - Economics and Philosophy 24 (2):191-204.
    In Economics individuals are defined by their preferences over the consequences of their own actions and the actions carried out by others. In contrast, Simone Weil depicts the individual as continuously re-constituted by the contact that he establishes with reality via his action. Such an action is aimed at achieving an effect in the physical world, but what makes it human is not success per se, but rather the fact that it stems from reasoning and planning. Affliction is caused by (...)
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