1.  75
    Nietzsche and the Later Wittgenstein: An Offense to the Quest for Another World.Aydan Turanli - 2003 - Journal of Nietzsche Studies 26 (1):55-63.
  2.  53
    Wittgenstein and Spengler Vis-À-Vis Frazer.Aydan Turanli - 2005 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 31 (1):69-88.
    Perspicuous representation, Wittgenstein offers, is not another methodology, but it consists in seeing the connections. The Wittgensteinian perspicuous representation is therapeutic. The method he suggests for philosophy is the same method he suggests for social sciences. In both of these cases, he tries to get us to see the confusions we become entangled in when philosophizing and theorizing. In both of these disciplines he warns us not to advance explanatory, metaphysical theories. In this paper, I connect this concern with Wittgenstein’s (...)
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