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    Resolving the Trust Predicament: A Quantum Game-Theoretic Approach. [REVIEW]Badredine Arfi - 2005 - Theory and Decision 59 (2):127-174.
    Developing a good theoretical understanding of the role of trust in IR (such as in the events leading to the end of the Cold War) is still an open problem. Most game-theoretic studies of trust do not go beyond the limitations of an (ontologically) individualistic paradigm, thus assuming a pre-defined set of individual strategies. Yet, it is a fact that the predicament of collective trust is empirically resolved in many situations. This paper suggests a new game-theoretic approach—Quantum Game Theory (QGT)—to (...)
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    Auto-Immunity of Trust Without Trust.Badredine Arfi - 2010 - Journal of International Political Theory 6 (2):188-216.
    Trust has been widely investigated both theoretically and empirically. Whether thought of as the result of a calculation of costs/benefits, a shared identity, or a leap of faith, there always seems to be an ‘as if’ rhetorical gesture which is ultimately needed to explain how actors move from the base of trust to expectations of trust via suspending judgment on uncertainty and fear of vulnerability to betrayal and exploitation – the actors ultimately act ‘as if’ they do not fear uncertainty (...)
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    Pluralism to-Come and the Debates on Islam and Secularism.Badredine Arfi - 2015 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 41 (7):655-677.
    The article seeks to advance the debate on Islam and secularism, not by thinking of secularism in terms of whether there is or should be state neutrality toward religion, but rather by proposing that we think in terms of a state neutrality that is anchored in pluralism to-come. The latter is not a future pluralism that will one day arrive but is rather characterized by a structural promise of openness to futurity which thus exposes us to absolute surprise simultaneously of (...)
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  4. Re-Thinking International Relations Theory Via Deconstruction.Badredine Arfi - 2012 - Routledge.
    Re-thinking via deconstruction qua affirmation -- "Testimonial faith" in/about IR philosophy of science: the possibility condition of a pluralist science of world politics -- Khôra as the condition of possibility of the ontological without ontology -- Rethinking the "agent-structure" problematique: from ontology to parergonality -- Identity/difference and othering: negotiating the impossible politics of aporia -- Autoimmunity of trust without trust -- Rethinking international constitutional order: the autoimmune politics of binding without binding -- The quest for "illogical" logics of action in (...)
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