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    Using Spiritual Connections to Cope With Stress and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Fahad D. Algahtani, Bandar Alsaif, Ahmed A. Ahmed, Ali A. Almishaal, Sofian T. Obeidat, Rania Fathy Mohamed, Reham Mohammed Kamel, Iram Gul & Sehar un Nisa Hassan - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 13.
    During the initial phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, stress and anxiety were pervasive among the masses due to high morbidity and mortality. Besides the fear of coronavirus was also particularly driven by social media. Many people started to look for faith and spiritual connections to gain comfort. The role of spiritual ties and religious beliefs in relation to coping with pandemic stress gained the attention of researchers in some parts of the world. This cross-sectional survey aimed at assessing the intensity (...)
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  2. COVID-19 and mental health: government response and appropriate measures.Genevieve Bandares-Paulino & Randy A. Tudy - 2020 - Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 30 (7):378-382.
    As governments around the world imposed lockdowns or stay-at-home measures, people began to feel the stress as time dragged on. There were already reports on some individuals committing suicide. How do governments respond to such a phenomenon? Our main focus is the Philippine government and how it responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this paper, we argue that the problem with COVID-19 went forth just dealing with physical health. First, people suffer not just from being infected but the psychological stress (...)
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    The use of Human Resource Management Systems in the Saudi market.Bandar Khalaf Alharthey & Amran Rasli - 2012 - Asian Journal of Business Ethics 1 (2):163 - 176.
    Abstract The goal of the study was to investigate the current situation with Human Resources (HR) systems in the Saudi market on the basis of survey conducted among 100 organizations. Their HR and IT experts were to fill out a questionnaire that allowed receiving their expert opinion and make conclusions considering the HR systems usage in this country. In the course of the study, eight hypotheses were investigated and proved: the number of companies’ users of Human Resource Management (HRM) systems (...)
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    Covering Muslim women: Semantic macrostructures in BBC News.Bandar Al-Hejin - 2015 - Discourse and Communication 9 (1):19-46.
    Despite a proliferation of research on Islam and Muslims in the media, very little work has focused on Muslim women, a much-debated social group that merits special consideration. This article aims to investigate how Muslim women are represented in BBC News website texts using a purpose-built corpus. The research employs analytical tools from the discourse-historical, socio-cognitive, and sociosemantic approaches to critical discourse studies. These are combined with corpus-based methodologies to investigate the semantic macrostructures that tend to be associated with Muslim (...)
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