1. Starve and Immolate: The Politics of Human Weapons.Banu Bargu - 2014 - Cambridge University Press.
    _Starve and Immolate_ tells the story of leftist political prisoners in Turkey who waged a deadly struggle against the introduction of high security prisons by forging their lives into weapons. Weaving together contemporary and critical political theory with political ethnography, Banu Bargu analyzes the death fast struggle as an exemplary though not exceptional instance of self-destructive practices that are a consequence of, retort to, and refusal of the increasingly biopolitical forms of sovereign power deployed around the globe. Bargu chronicles the (...)
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    Why Did Bouazizi Burn Himself? The Politics of Fate and Fatal Politics.Banu Bargu - 2016 - Constellations 23 (1):27-36.
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    Unleashing the Acheron: Sacrificial Partisanship, Sovereignty, and History.Banu Bargu - 2010 - Theory and Event 13 (1).
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    Human Shields.Banu Bargu - 2013 - Contemporary Political Theory 12 (4):277-295.
    In recent decades, we have witnessed the emergence of new forms of warfare, which are characterized by asymmetry, irregularity and the cybernetization of weaponry. Waged from a distance, these wars have created the impression of decorporealization and low risk, at least for one of the contending parties. In contrast, the same asymmetric conflicts have been sites in which the human body has been utilized as a novel and lethal weapon. Although much scholarly attention has been paid to suicide attackers who (...)
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    Odysseus Unbound: Sovereignty and Sacrifice in Hunger and the Dialectic of Enlightenment.Banu Bargu - 2014 - Angelaki 19 (4):7-22.
    :This essay provides a reading of Steve McQueen's critically acclaimed movie Hunger, which tells the story of the hunger strike of Bobby Sands in light of contemporary hunger strikes around the world and especially in Guantánamo. The central concern of the essay is to read Hunger together with Horkheimer and Adorno's Dialectic of Enlightenment, showing how both works problematize the sacrificial subjectivity of enlightenment, its instrumental rationality, and sovereign temporality, while advancing a devastating critique of Western civilization. I argue that (...)
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    The Weaponization of Life.Banu Bargu - 2009 - Constellations 16 (4):634-643.
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    In the Theater of Politics: Althusser's Aleatory Materialism and Aesthetics.Banu Bargu - 2012 - Diacritics 40 (3):86-113.
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    My Prague.Banu Bargu - 2017 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 43 (3):341-342.
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