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Barbara Harriss-White
University of Oxford
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    A Systematic Review Into the Psychological Causes and Correlates of Plagiarism.Simon A. Moss, Barbara White & Jim Lee - 2018 - Ethics and Behavior 28 (4):261-283.
    Interventions that are designed to stem plagiarism do not always override the motivation of individuals to cheat and, therefore, may not diminish misconduct. To inform more effective approaches, we conducted a systematic review to clarify the psychological causes of plagiarism. This review of 83 empirical papers showed that a specific blend of circumstances may foster plagiarism: an emphasis on competition and success rather than development and cooperation coupled with impaired resilience, limited confidence, impulsive tendencies, and biased cognitions. Fortunately, whenever students (...)
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    Causal model progressions as a foundation for intelligent learning environments.Barbara Y. White & John R. Frederiksen - 1990 - Artificial Intelligence 42 (1):99-157.
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    BioEngagement: making a Christian difference through bioethics today.Nigel M. S. Cameroden, Scott E. Daniels & Barbara White (eds.) - 2000 - Grand Rapids, Mich.: W.B. Eerdmans Pub. Co..
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    Bioengagement: Making a Christian Difference Through Bioethics Today.Nigel M. De S. Cameron, Scott E. Daniels, Barbara White & Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity (eds.) - 2000 - Grand Rapids, Mich.: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing.
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    Student goal orientation in learning inquiry skills with modifiable software advisors.Todd A. Shimoda, Barbara Y. White & John R. Frederiksen - 2002 - Science Education 86 (2):244-263.
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    Sources of Difficulty in Understanding Newtonian Dynamics.Barbara Y. White - 1983 - Cognitive Science 7 (1):41-65.
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    The effect of stimulus similarity on amount of cue-position patterning in discrimination problems.Barbara Notkin White & Charles C. Spiker - 1960 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 59 (2):131.
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  8. Sharon Anderson-Gold, Unnecessary Evil. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 2000, 138 pp.(Index). ISBN 0-7914-4820-7, $16.95 (Pb). Filippo Aureli and Frans BM De Waal, eds., Natural Conflict Resolution. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press, 2000, 409 pp.(Index). ISBN 0-520-22346-2, $24.95 (Pb). [REVIEW]Nigel M. De S. Cameron, Scott E. Daniels, Barbara J. White & Edward S. Casey - 2001 - Journal of Value Inquiry 35:587-590.
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    No: Jay A. Jacobson, M.D.(FACP) Barbara white, B.a. [REVIEW]Jay A. Jacobson & Barbara White - 1991 - HEC Forum 3 (6):351-353.