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    A Principle-Based Robustness Analysis of Admissibility-Based Argumentation Semantics.Tjitze Rienstra, Chiaki Sakama, Leendert van der Torre & Beishui Liao - 2020 - Argument and Computation 11 (3):305-339.
    The principle-based approach is a methodology to classify and analyse argumentation semantics. In this paper we classify seven of the main alternatives for argumentation semantics using a set of new robustness principles. These principles complement Baroni and Giacomin’s original classification and deal with the behaviour of a semantics when the argumentation framework changes due to the addition or removal of an attack between two arguments. We distinguish so-called persistence principles and monotonicity principles, where the former deal with the question of (...)
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    An Ontology-Based Approach to Metaphor Cognitive Computation.Xiaoxi Huang, Huaxin Huang, Beishui Liao & Cihua Xu - 2013 - Minds and Machines 23 (1):105-121.
    Language understanding is one of the most important characteristics for human beings. As a pervasive phenomenon in natural language, metaphor is not only an essential thinking approach, but also an ingredient in human conceptual system. Many of our ways of thinking and experiences are virtually represented metaphorically. With the development of the cognitive research on metaphor, it is urgent to formulate a computational model for metaphor understanding based on the cognitive mechanism, especially with the view to promoting natural language understanding. (...)
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    Logic and Argumentation.Thomas Ågotnes, Beishui Liao & Yì N. Wáng - 2018 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 28 (2-3):163-164.
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    Dynamics, Uncertainty and Reasoning: The Second Chinese Conference on Logic and Argumentation.Beishui Liao, Thomas Ågotnes & Yi N. Wang (eds.) - 2019 - Springer Singapore.
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