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Bella K. Milmed [8]Bella Kussy Milmed [1]
  1. Lewis and the Theory of Truth.Bella K. Milmed - 1956 - Journal of Philosophy 53 (19):569-583.
    C i lewis, regarding himself as a pragmatist, repeatedly attempts to identify truth with verification. it is here argued, however, that a correspondence or semantic theory is required by (1) lewis's interpretation of objective judgments in terms of "possible experience" and of possible experience in terms of counterfactual conditions; (2) his distinction between the justification of knowledge and the truth of knowledge; and (3) his logical analysis of truth in terms of the extension (known or unknown) of propositions. it is (...)
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  2. Dewey's Treatment of Causality.Bella K. Milmed - 1957 - Journal of Philosophy 54 (1):5-19.
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    ‘Possible Experience’ and Recent Interpretations of Kant.Bella K. Milmed - 1967 - The Monist 51 (3):442-462.
    In an attempt to extract a coherent and still relevant structure of thought from its obsolete encumbrances, some of the recent interpretations of Kant have been needlessly hampered by neglect of the important concept of ‘possible experience’. Failure to make the full use of this concept that Kant himself made has inevitably been damaging to the Kantian doctrine of phenomenal objectivity; and any version of Kant that is so damaged falls drastically short of the original. I should like, therefore, after (...)
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    The Development of Kantian Thought: The History of a Doctrine.Bella K. Milmed - 1964 - Journal of Philosophy 61 (7):218-226.
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    Kant's Theory of Mental Activity: A Commentary on the Transcendental Analytic of the Critique of Pure Reason.Bella K. Milmed - 1964 - Journal of Philosophy 61 (16):479-488.
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    Theories of Religious Knowledge From Kant to Jaspers.Bella K. Milmed - 1954 - Philosophy 29 (110):195 - 215.
    THE problem of religious knowledge may be stated very simply. If there is a real God, how can we find out that fact? The present discussion assumes that this is just what we must find out, if there is to be any possibility of a philosophically valid religion; for the essential element in religion is God, and consequently the essential philosophical question in regard to religion is that of the reality of God.
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    Lewis's Concept of Expressive Statements.Bella K. Milmed - 1954 - Journal of Philosophy 51 (7):201-213.
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    Kant and Current Philosophical Issues.Bella K. Milmed - 1965 - Philosophical Review 74 (2):253-255.
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    Kant & Current Philosophical Issues: Some Modern Developments of His Theory of Knowledge.Bella Kussy Milmed - 1961 - New York University Press.