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    Was Arne Naess Recognized as the Founder of Deep Ecology Prematurely? Semantics and Environmental Philosophy.Benjamin Howe - 2010 - Environmental Ethics 32 (4):369-383.
    According to Arne Naess, his environmental philosophy is influenced by the philosophy of language called empirical semantics, which he first developed in the 1930s as a participant in the seminars of the Vienna Circle. While no one denies his claim, most of his commentators defend views about his environmental philosophy that contradict the tenets of his semantics. In particular, they argue that he holds that deep ecology’s supporters share a world view, and that the movement’s platform articulates shared principles. Naess, (...)
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    Life on the Brink: Environmentalists Confront Overpopulation by Philip Cafaro and Eileen Crist, Eds.Benjamin Howe - 2014 - Environmental Ethics 36 (2):247-250.
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    How Strong is the Environmental Argument for Reducing Immigration to the United States?Benjamin Howe - 2011 - Environmental Ethics 33 (1):111-112.