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    Keeping Ethical Investment Ethical: Regulatory Issues for Investing for Sustainability.Benjamin J. Richardson - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 87 (4):555-572.
    Regulation must target the financial sector, which often funds and profits from environmentally unsustainable development. In an era of global financial markets, the financial sector has a crucial impact on the state of the environment. The long-standing movement for ethically and socially responsible investment (SRI) has recently begun to advocate environmental standards for financiers. While this movement is gaining more adherents, it has increasingly justified responsible financing as a path to be prosperous, rather than virtuous. This trend partly owes to (...)
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    Being Virtuous and Prosperous: SRI’s Conflicting Goals.Benjamin J. Richardson & Wes Cragg - 2010 - Journal of Business Ethics 92 (S1):21-39.
    Can SRI be a means to make investors both virtuous and prosperous? This paper argues that there can be significant tensions between these goals, and that SRI (and indeed all investment) should not allow the pursuit of maximizing investment returns to prevail over an ethical agenda of promoting social and economic justice and environmental protection. The discourse on SRI has changed dramatically in recent years to the point where its capacity to promote social emancipation, sustainable development and other ethical goals (...)
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    Corporate Finance and Environmentally Responsible Business.Benjamin J. Richardson - 2005 - International Corporate Responsibility Series 2:79-100.
    The financial services sector has the potential to be an important driver for improved corporate social and environmental responsibility through its control over corporate financing. But, so far, only ad hoc policy initiatives have arisen in the European Union and other countries. Because the financial services sector is where wholesale decisions regarding future development, and thus pressures on the environment, arise, the reform of investment and banking services to promote long term investment and better consideration of environmental impacts may be (...)
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