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  1. Language, Thought and Reality.Benjamin Lee Whorf, John B. Carroll & Stuart Chase - 1956 - Les Etudes Philosophiques 11 (4):695-695.
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  2. Language, mind, and reality.Benjamin Lee Whorf & A. Veretennikov - 2016 - Epistemology and Philosophy of Science 50 (4):220-243.
    This text is a translation of an article of B.L. Whorf “Language, mind and reality" (first published in 1941). The text was originally written for the journal Theosophist (India) during the last year of Whorf's life. The article contains a formulation of the principle of linguistic relativity that relates to the idea of that the world picture of a user of a language depends on the grammar of the language she is using. The article also contains a critique of the (...)
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    Gibt es ein sprachliches Relativitätsprinzip?Helmut Gipper, Edward Sapir & Benjamin Lee Whorf - 1972 - S. Fischer.
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  4. "71." Biases of Social Policy as Consequences of Micro-Macro Problems," James S. Coleman James S. Coleman, Foundations of Social Theory (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1990) 72." The Integration of Social Theory and Social Research," John H". [REVIEW]A. Simon, Leon Festinger, Henry W. Riecken, Stanley Schachter, Nigel Tomes & Benjamin Lee Whorf - 2000 - In Raymond Boudon & Mohamed Cherkaoui (eds.), Central Currents in Social Theory. Sage Publications. pp. 405-426.