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    The Role of Compassion in Shaping Social Entrepreneurs’ Prosocial Opportunity Recognition.Ronit Yitshaki, Fredric Kropp & Benson Honig - 2022 - Journal of Business Ethics 179 (2):617-647.
    Compassion is acknowledged as a key motivational source of prosocial opportunity recognition. This study examines the underlying processes of different types of compassion that lead to prosocial OR interventions designed to solve or ameliorate social problems. Self-compassion is associated with intimate personal experiences of suffering and encompasses a desire to alleviate the distress of others based on common humanity, mental distance and mindfulness. Other-regarding compassion is associated with value structures and social awareness and is based on a desire to help (...)
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    Decoupling from international food safety standards: how small-scale indigenous farmers cope with conflicting institutions to ensure market participation.Geovana Mercado, Carsten Nico Hjortsø & Benson Honig - 2018 - Agriculture and Human Values 35 (3):651-669.
    Although inclusion in formal value chains extends the prospect of improving the livelihoods of rural small-scale producers, such a step is often contingent on compliance with internationally-promoted food safety standards. Limited research has addressed the challenges this represents for small rural producers who, grounded in culturally-embedded food safety conceptions, face difficulties in complying. We address this gap here through a multiple case study involving four public school feeding programs that source meals from local rural providers in the Bolivian Altiplan. Institutional (...)
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    A Commons Strategy for Promoting Entrepreneurship and Social Capital: Implications for Community Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, and Value Exchange.Ana Cristina O. Siqueira, Benson Honig, Sandra Mariano & Joysi Moraes - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 166 (4):711-726.
    Examining how new forms of currencies diffuse is important to uncover their impact on the organization of communities, and thus motivates our study of community currencies. Community currencies provide a medium of exchange by using alternative banknotes or electronic money, which circulates only within particular communities, allowing members to trade goods, increase social cohesion, and achieve collective goals. In this study, we examine how community currencies help facilitate social commons by serving as a setting for building community relationships and a (...)
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    Inclusive Management Research: Persons with Disabilities and Self-Employment Activity as an Exemplar.Bruce C. Martin & Benson Honig - 2020 - Journal of Business Ethics 166 (3):553-575.
    We highlight exclusionary practices in management research, and demonstrate through example how a more inclusive management literature can address the unique contexts of persons with disabilities, a group that is disadvantaged in society, globally. Drawing from social psychology, disability, self-employment, entrepreneurship, and vocational rehabilitation literatures, we develop and test a holistic model that demonstrates how persons with disabilities might attain meaningful work and improved self-image via self-employment, thus accessing some of the economic and social-psychological benefits often unavailable to them due (...)
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