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  1. Quantum Mereotopology.Barry Smith & Berit O. Brogaard - 2002 - Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence 36 (1):153-175.
    Mereotopology faces problems when its methods are extended to deal with time and change. We offer a new solution to these problems, based on a theory of partitions of reality which allows us to simulate (and also to generalize) aspects of set theory within a mereotopological framework. This theory is extended to a theory of coarse- and fine-grained histories (or finite sequences of partitions evolving over time), drawing on machinery developed within the framework of the so-called ‘consistent histories’ interpretation of (...)
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    Peirce on Abduction and Rational Control.Berit O. Brogaard - 1999 - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 35 (1):129 - 155.
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    An Aristotelian Approach to Animal Behavior.Berit O. Brogaard - 1999 - Semiotica 127 (1-4):199-214.
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    Mead's Temporal Realism.Berit O. Brogaard - 1999 - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 35 (3):563 - 593.
  5. The Ontology of Fields.Donna Peuquet, Barry Smith & Berit O. Brogaard (eds.) - 1998 - National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis.
    In the specific case of geography, the real world consists on the one hand of physical geographic features (bona fide objects) and on the other hand of various fiat objects, for example legal and administrative objects, including parcels of real estate, areas of given soil types, census tracts, and so on. It contains in addition the beliefs and actions of human beings directed towards these objects (for example, the actions of those who work in land registries or in census bureaux), (...)
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