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  1. The place of self-interest and the role of power in deliberative democracy.Jane Mansbridge, James Bohman, Simone Chambers, David Estlund, Andreas Føllesdal, Archon Fung, Cristina Lafont, Bernard Manin & José Luis Martí - 2009 - Journal of Political Philosophy 18 (1):64-100.
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    The Principles of Representative Government.Bernard Manin - 1997 - Cambridge University Press.
    A survey of democratic institutions and republics reveals the aristocratic origins of democracy.
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  3. On Legitimacy and Political Deliberation.Bernard Manin - 1987 - Political Theory 15 (3):338-368.
    This essay asks why Aristotle, certainly no friend to unlimited democracy, seems so much more comfortable with unconstrained rhetoric in political deliberation than current defenders of deliberative democracy. It answers this question by reconstructing and defending a distinctly Aristotelian understanding of political deliberation, one that can be pieced together out of a series of separate arguments made in the Rhetoric, the Politics, and the Nicomachean Ethics.
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    CHAPTER 14. On Legitimacy and Political Deliberation.Bernard Manin - 1994 - In Mark Lilla (ed.), New French Thought: Political Philosophy. Princeton University Press. pp. 186-200.
  5. Exercices philosophiques.Bernard Sève & Bernard Manin - 1980 - Revue Philosophique de la France Et de l'Etranger 170 (4):469-469.
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