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  1. Naturalizing Phenomenology: Issues in Contemporary Phenomenology and Cognitive Science.Jean Petitot, Francisco Varela, Bernard Pachoud & Jean-Michel Roy (eds.) - 1999 - Stanford University Press.
    This ambitious work aims to shed new light on the relations between Husserlian phenomenology and the present-day efforts toward a scientific theory of cognition—with its complex structure of disciplines, levels of explanation, and ...
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  2. The Teleological Dimension of Perceptual and Motor Intentionality.Bernard Pachoud - 1999 - In Naturalizing Phenomenology: Issues in Contemporary Phenomenology and Cognitive Science. Stanford: Stanford University Press.
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    Proximity and Distance Between Current Neuroscientific Research and Phenomenological Investigation on Space Perception☆.Bernard Pachoud - 2007 - Consciousness and Cognition 16 (3):684-686.
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    Reading Minkowski with Husserl.Bernard Pachoud - 2001 - Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 8 (4):299-301.
  5. Beyond the Gap: An Introduction to Naturalizing Phenomenology.Jean-Michel Roy, Jean Petitot, Bernard Pachoud & Francisco J. Varela - 1999 - In Jean Petitot, Franscisco J. Varela, Barnard Pacoud & Jean-Michel Roy (eds.), Naturalizing Phenomenology. Stanford University Press.
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  6. Naturaliser la phénoménologie: Husserlianisme et science cognitive.Jean-Michel Roy, Jean Francisco J. Varela & Bernard Pachoud (eds.) - 2002 - CNRS Editions.
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