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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Pandemic Priority Decisions and Triage.Hans Flaatten, Vernon Van Heerden, Christian Jung, Michael Beil, Susannah Leaver, Andrew Rhodes, Bertrand Guidet & Dylan W. deLange - 2021 - Journal of Medical Ethics 47 (12):75-75.
    In this analysis we discuss the change in criteria for triage of patients during three different phases of a pandemic like COVID-19, seen from the critical care point of view. Availability of critical care beds has become a hot topic, and in many countries, we have seen a huge increase in the provision of temporary intensive care bed capacity. However, there is a limit where the hospitals may run out of resources to provide critical care, which is heavily dependent on (...)
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    Huge Variation in Obtaining Ethical Permission for a Non-Interventional Observational Study in Europe.Dylan W. de Lange, Bertrand Guidet, Finn H. Andersen, Antonio Artigas, Guidio Bertolini, Rui Moreno, Steffen Christensen, Maurizio Cecconi, Christina Agvald-Ohman, Primoz Gradisek, Christian Jung, Brian J. Marsh, Sandra Oeyen, Bernardo Bollen Pinto, Wojciech Szczeklik, Ximena Watson, Tilemachos Zafeiridis & Hans Flaatten - 2019 - BMC Medical Ethics 20 (1):39.
    Ethical approval must be obtained before medical research can start. We describe the differences in EA for an pseudonymous, non-interventional, observational European study. Sixteen European national coordinators of the international study on very old intensive care patients answered an online questionnaire concerning their experience getting EA. N = 8/16 of the NCs could apply at one single national ethical committee, while the others had to apply to various regional ECs and/or individual hospital institutional research boards. The time between applying for (...)
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  3. Multidisciplinary Support for Ethics Deliberations During the First COVID Wave.Bénédicte Lombart, Laura Moïsi, Valérie Bellamy, Valérie Landolfini, Marie-Josée Manifacier, Valérie Mesnage, Charlotte Heilbrunn, Dominique Pateron, Alexandra Andro-Melin, Olivier Fain, Nicolas Carbonell, Anne Bourrier, Caroline Thomas, Delphine Libeaut, Christian-Guy Coichard, Alice Polomeni & Bertrand Guidet - 2022 - Nursing Ethics 29 (4):833-843.
    Background The first COVID-19 wave started in February 2020 in France. The influx of patients requiring emergency care and high-level technicity led healthcare professionals to fear saturation of available care. In that context, the multidisciplinary Ethics- Support Cell was created to help medical teams consider the decisions that could potentially be sources of ethical dilemmas. Objectives The primary objective was to prospectively collect information on requests for EST assistance from 23 March to 9 May 2020. The secondary aim was to (...)
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