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    “The Edge of Harm and Help”: Ethical Considerations in the Care of Transgender Youth with Complex Family Situations.Beth A. Clark, Alice Virani & Elizabeth M. Saewyc - 2020 - Ethics and Behavior 30 (3):161-180.
    Health-care providers frequently face clinical ethical dilemmas when working with transgender youth who require hormone therapy but lack parental support for this intervention. Through semi-structured interviews and grounded theory analysis, we explored ethical and clinical decision-making processes of health-care providers, as well as the health care experiences of trans youth with family discordance. We analyzed responses in relation to North American bioethics principles, best interests standard, and the harm principle, exploring issues of autonomy, evidence, and anti-trans bias. We propose an (...)
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    A Systematic Review of Public Attitudes, Perceptions and Behaviours Towards Production Diseases Associated with Farm Animal Welfare.Beth Clark, Gavin B. Stewart, Luca A. Panzone, I. Kyriazakis & Lynn J. Frewer - 2016 - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 29 (3):455-478.
    Increased productivity may have negative impacts on farm animal welfare in modern animal production systems. Efficiency gains in production are primarily thought to be due to the intensification of production, and this has been associated with an increased incidence of production diseases, which can negatively impact upon FAW. While there is a considerable body of research into consumer attitudes towards FAW, the extent to which this relates specifically to a reduction in production diseases in intensive systems, and whether the increased (...)
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    “I Would Have Preferred More Options”: Accounting for Non-Binary Youth in Health Research.Hélène Frohard-Dourlent, Sarah Dobson, Beth A. Clark, Marion Doull & Elizabeth M. Saewyc - 2017 - Nursing Inquiry 24 (1):e12150.
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    This Wasn’T a Split-Second Decision”: An Empirical Ethical Analysis of Transgender Youth Capacity, Rights, and Authority to Consent to Hormone Therapy.Beth A. Clark & Alice Virani - 2021 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 18 (1):151-164.
    Inherent in providing healthcare for youth lie tensions among best interests, decision-making capacity, rights, and legal authority. Transgender youth experience barriers to needed gender-affirming care, often rooted in ethical and legal issues, such as healthcare provider concerns regarding youth capacity and rights to consent to hormone therapy. Even when decision-making capacity is present, youth may lack the legal authority to give consent. The aims of this paper are therefore to provide an empirical analysis of minor trans youth capacity to consent (...)
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    Resisting the Post-Truth Era: Maintaining a Commitment to Science and Social Justice in Bioethics.Johanna Olson-Kennedy, Diane Ehrensaft, Alice Virani & Beth A. Clark - 2019 - American Journal of Bioethics 19 (7):W1-W3.
    Volume 19, Issue 7, July 2019, Page W1-W3.
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