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    Conceptualizing Agency: Folkpsychological and Folkcommunicative Perspectives on Plants.Bethany L. Ojalehto, Douglas L. Medin & Salino G. García - 2017 - Cognition 162:103-123.
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    Bringing History Back to Culture: On the Missing Diachronic Component in the Research on Culture and Cognition.Rumen I. Iliev & Bethany L. Ojalehto - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Seeing Cooperation or Competition: Ecological Interactions in Cultural Perspectives.Bethany L. Ojalehto, Douglas L. Medin, William S. Horton, Salino G. Garcia & Estefano G. Kays - 2015 - Topics in Cognitive Science 7 (4):624-645.
    Do cultural models facilitate particular ways of perceiving interactions in nature? We explore variability in folkecological principles of reasoning about interspecies interactions. In two studies, Indigenous Panamanian Ngöbe and U.S. participants interpreted an illustrated, wordless nonfiction book about the hunting relationship between a coyote and badger. Across both studies, the majority of Ngöbe interpreted the hunting relationship as cooperative and the majority of U.S. participants as competitive. Study 2 showed that this pattern may reflect different beliefs about, and perhaps different (...)
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    Theory of Mind in the Pacific: Reasoning Across Cultures. Jürg Wassman, Birgit Träuble, and Joachim Funke. Heidelberg, Germany: Universitätsverlag Winter. 2013. Ix-277 Pp. [REVIEW]Bethany L. Ojalehto & Douglas L. Medin - 2015 - Ethos: Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology 43 (1):E5-E8.
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