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  1. Jean François Lyotard, Bill Readings & Kevin Paul Geiman (1993). Political Writings.
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    Bill Readings (1991). Introducing Lyotard: Art and Politics. Routledge.
    The surge of interest in Jean-Francois Lyotard's writings has pushed him into the centre of debate on the postmodern.
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  3. Bill Readings (2006). Introducing Lyotard: Art and Politics. Routledge.
    The first truly introductory text on Lyotard, this book situates Lyotard's interventions in the postmodern debate in the wider context of his rethinking of the politics of representation. Bill Readings examines Lyotard's relationship to structuralism, Marxism and semiotics, and contrasts his work with the literary deconstruction of Paul de Man; he positions Lyotard's work so as to draw out the implications of poststructurlaism's attention to _difference_ in reading. Lyotard's willingness to question the political and examine the relationship between art and (...)
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  4. Bill Readings (1995). From Emancipation to Obligation: Sketch for a Heteronomous Politics of Education. In Michael Peters (ed.), Education and the Postmodern Condition. Bergin & Garvey. pp. 193--208.
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    Bill Readings (1997). Privatising Culture: Reflections on Jean-Fran Ois Lyotard's “Ofkos”. Angelaki 2 (1):23 – 29.
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    Bill Readings (1992). Pseudoethica Epidemica. Philosophy Today 36 (4):377-388.
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