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    Equivalence of Consequence Operations.W. J. Blok & Bjarni Jónsson - 2006 - Studia Logica 83 (1-3):91-110.
    This paper is based on Lectures 1, 2 and 4 in the series of ten lectures titled “Algebraic Structures for Logic” that Professor Blok and I presented at the Twenty Third Holiday Mathematics Symposium held at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, January 8-12, 1999. These three lectures presented a new approach to the algebraization of deductive systems, and after the symposium we made plans to publish a joint paper, to be written by Blok, further developing these (...)
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    On the Canonicity of Sahlqvist Identities.Bjarni Jónsson - 1994 - Studia Logica 53 (4):473 - 491.
    We give a simple proof of the canonicity of Sahlqvist identities, using methods that were introduced in a paper by Jónsson and Tarski in 1951.
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    Products of Classes of Residuated Structures.Bjarni Jónsson & Constantine Tsinakis - 2004 - Studia Logica 77 (2):267 - 292.
    The central result of this paper provides a simple equational basis for the join, IRLLG, of the variety LG of lattice-ordered groups (-groups) and the variety IRL of integral residuated lattices. It follows from known facts in universal algebra that IRLLG=IRL×LG. In the process of deriving our result, we will obtain simple axiomatic bases for other products of classes of residuated structures, including the class IRL×s LG, consisting of all semi-direct products of members of IRL by members of LG. We (...)
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    Cardinal Algebras.Alfred Tarski & Bjarni Jonsson - 1949 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 14 (3):188-189.
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    The Contributions of Alfred Tarski to General Algebra.Bjarni Jónsson - 1986 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 51 (4):883-889.
  6. Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic: Atlanta 1973.C. Ward Henson, Bjarni Jónsson, E. G. K. Lopez-Escobar & Michael D. Resnik - 1974 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 39 (2):390-405.
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    Doss Raoup. Note on Two Theorems of Mostowski.Bjarni Jónsson - 1946 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 11 (3):85-86.
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    Review: Raouf Doss, Note on Two Theorems of Mostowski. [REVIEW]Bjarni Jónsson - 1946 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 11 (3):85-86.