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    Prophetic Pragmatism and the Practices of Freedom: On Cornel West's Foucauldian Methodology.Brad Elliott Stone - 2011 - Foucault Studies 11:92-105.
    This essay explores the Foucauldian influence on Cornel West’s prophetic pragmatism. Although West argues that Foucauldian methods are insufficient to deliver a philosophy of liberation, I argue that there is nothing in Foucault that would prohibit West from such a goal, even though a philosophy of liberation was not one of Foucault’s goals. Fortunately, one can understand West’s own project of liberation in terms of “practices of freedom,” allowing one to describe West’s philosophical project in strict Foucauldian terms.
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    Foucault, Michel_. _Abnormal: Lectures at the College de France,1974-1975_, New York:Picador, 2003; _"Society Must Be Defended:"Lectures at the College de France, 1975-1976. New York: Picador, 2003. [REVIEW]Brad Elliott Stone - 2004 - Foucault Studies 1:77-91.
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    Introducing Prophetic Pragmatism: A Dialogue on Hope, the Philosophy of Race, and the Spiritual Blues.Jacob L. Goodson & Brad Elliott Stone - 2019 - Lexington Books.
    Pragmatism is a philosophical school of thought emphasizing action, practices, and practical reasoning whereas prophecy is an ancient religious concept that requires belief in the reality of God. Although these two concepts seem to not be a natural fit with one another, the authors demonstrate why prophetic pragmatism is “pragmatism at its best.”.
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    Experience, Problematization, and the Question of the Contemporary.Brad Elliott Stone - 2012 - The Pluralist 7 (3):44-50.
    I begin by expressing thanks to Paul Rabinow. As a Foucault scholar, I am personally indebted to him for that wonderful book he wrote with Hubert Dreyfus, Michel Foucault: Beyond Structrualism and Hermeneutics, which served as my introduction to the Foucauldian philosophical enterprise. I am honored to respond to his Coss lecture on the philosophical methods of Foucault and Dewey that shape his work in philosophy and anthropology.I begin by quoting two lengthy yet revealing passages—one from Foucault's "Life: Experience and (...)
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    The Down Low and the Sexuality of Race.Brad Elliott Stone - 2011 - Foucault Studies 12:36-50.
    There has been much interest in the phenomenon called “the Down Low,” in which “otherwise heterosexual” African American men have sex with other black men. This essay explores the biopolitics at play in the media’s curiosity about the Down Low. The Down Low serves as a critical, transgressive heterotopia that reveals the codetermination of racism, sexism, and heterosexism in black male sexuality.
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    Making Religious Practices Intelligible: A Prophetic Pragmatic Interpretation of Radical Orthodoxy.Brad Elliott Stone - 2004 - Contemporary Pragmatism 1 (2):137-153.
    Prophetic pragmatism and radical orthodoxy seek to overcome the limitations of traditional philosophy by means of religious practices. This essay compares and contrasts the two positions by discussing the importance of religious practices in "making sense" of the world and the lives of those who perform such practices. By taking advantage of and overcoming the postmodern age, both traditions free religion from the auspices of philosophy. However, certain theological limitations make radical orthodoxy more difficult to implement than prophetic pragmatism, which (...)
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  7. Defending Society From the Abnormal: The Archaeology of Bio-Power.Brad Elliott Stone - 2004 - Foucault Studies 1:77-91.
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