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Brandon Beasley
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    Pragmatism’s Evolution: Organism and Environment in American Philosophy: By Trevor Pearce, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2020, 384 Pp., $35.00 (Paperback), ISBN 9780226719917. [REVIEW]Brandon Beasley - 2022 - International Journal of Philosophical Studies 30 (1):105-108.
    Trevor Pearce has done something remarkable and all too rare: written a book at the intersection of philosophy, science, and history that is equally excellent in all three respects.
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    Naturalism Without a Subject: Huw Price's Pragmatism.Brandon Beasley - forthcoming - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy.
    Huw Price has developed versions of naturalism and anti-representationalism to create a distinctive brand of pragmatism. ‘Subject naturalism’ focuses on what science says about human beings and the function of our linguistic practices, as opposed to orthodox contemporary naturalism’s privileging of the ontology of the natural sciences. Price’s anti-representationalism rejects the view that what makes utterances contentful is their representing reality. Together, they are to help us avoid metaphysical ‘placement problems’: how e.g. mind, meaning, and morality fit into the natural (...)
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    Review of Robert B. Brandom, A Spirit of Trust: A Reading of Hegel's ‘Phenomenology’[REVIEW]Brandon Beasley - 2021 - Hegel Bulletin 42 (2):301-304.
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    Review of Paul Giladi, Ed., Responses to Naturalism: Critical Perspectives From Idealism and Pragmatism[REVIEW]Brandon Beasley - 2020 - International Journal of Philosophical Studies 28 (4):563-568.
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    What Should the Idealist Critique of Naturalism Be? Hegel, Smithson, and Liberal Naturalism.Brandon Beasley - forthcoming - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy.
    Robert Smithson argues that considerations stemming from Kantian and post-Kantian idealism undermine naturalistic arguments that seek to debunk elements of the ‘manifest image’ in favour of the ‘scientific image’. The idealist tradition, on this view, holds that philosophy’s task is to uncover and clarify the principles and norms which underlie different forms of inquiry, and is thus well placed to dispel the apparent ‘placement’ problems that stem from the collision of our ordinary worldview with contemporary philosophical naturalism. Smithson also argues (...)
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    Review of Steven Levine, Pragmatism, Objectivity, and Experience[REVIEW]Brandon Beasley - 2021 - Philosophy in Review 41 (3):204-206.
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    Review of Turri & Klein, Eds., Ad Infinitum: New Essays on Epistemological Infinitism[REVIEW]Brandon Beasley - 2018 - Dialogue 57 (1):194-196.
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    Review of Huw Price, Expressivism, Pragmatism and Representationalism[REVIEW]Brandon Beasley - 2015 - Dialogue 54 (3):573-576.