Brendan Kitts [3]Brendan J. Kitts [1]
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    Terry Dartnall, Steve Torrance, Mark Coulson, Stephen Nunn, Brendan Kitts, R. F. Port, T. Van Gelder, Donald Peterson & Philip Gerrans (1996). Cognitive Science. Metascience 5 (1):95-166.
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    Barbara Abbott, Annette Herskovits, Philip L. Peterson, Alfred R. Mele, David J. Cole, Daniel Crevier, Francis Jeffry Pelletier, Istvan S. N. Berkeley, Brendan J. Kitts, Mike Brown & George Paliouras (1996). Book Reviews. [REVIEW] Minds and Machines 6 (2):239-285.
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    Brendan Kitts (1999). Representation Operators and Computation. Minds and Machines 9 (2):223-240.
    This paper analyses the impact of representation and search operators on Computational Complexity. A model of computation is introduced based on a directed graph, and representation and search are defined to be the vertices and edges of this graph respectively. Changing either the representation or the search algorithm leads to different possible complexity classes. The final section explores the role of representation in reducing time complexity in Artificial Intelligence.
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