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Profile: Brian Les Lancaster (Liverpool John Moores University)
  1. On the Relationship Between Cognitive Models and Spiritual Maps. Evidence From Hebrew Language Mysticism.Brian L. Lancaster - 2000 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (11-12):11-12.
    It is suggested that the impetus to generate models is probably the most fundamental point of connection between mysticism and psychology. In their concern with the relation between ‘unseen’ realms and the ‘seen’, mystical maps parallel cognitive models of the relation between ‘unconscious’ and ‘conscious’ processes. The map or model constitutes an explanation employing terms current within the respective canon. The case of language mysticism is examined to illustrate the premise that cognitive models may benefit from an understanding of the (...)
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    Self or No-Self? Converging Perspectives From Neuropsychology and Mysticism.Brian L. Lancaster - 1993 - Zygon 28 (4):507-526.
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    On the Stages of Perception: Towards a Synthesis of Cognitive Neuroscience and the Buddhist Abhidhamma Tradition.Brian Lancaster - 1997 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 4 (2):122-142.
    The nature of perceptual and memory processes is examined in the light of suggested complementarity between introspective and empirical traditions. The introspective material analysed here is that found in the Buddhist Abhidhamma literature of the Pali canon on the stages of perception. Possible psychological and neurophysiological correspondences to these stages are proposed. The model of perception advanced here emphasizes two phases. The first involves sensory analysis and related memory readout. I postulate that this phase is completed when coherence in oscillatory (...)
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    Jean-Baptiste Say's First Visit to England.Brian Lancaster - 2015 - History of European Ideas 41 (7):922-930.
  5. MasaoItoYasushiMiyashitaEdmund T. RollsCognition, Computation and Consciousness1997Oxford University Press0-198-52414-5. [REVIEW]Brian L. Lancaster - 1997 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 1 (4):155.