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  1. Justice as Impartiality.Brian M. Barry - 1989 - Oxford University Press.
    Almost every country today contains adherents of different religions and different secular conceptions of the good life. Is there any alternative to a power struggle among them, leading most probably to either civil war or repression? The argument of this book is that justice as impartiality offers a solution. According to the theory of justice as impartiality, principles of justice are those principles that provide a reasonable basis for the unforced assent of those subject to them. The object of this (...)
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    The Liberal Theory of Justice: A Critical Examination of the Principal Doctrines in A Theory of Justice by John Rawls.Brian M. Barry - 1973 - Oxford, Clarendon Press.
    "John Rawls's A Theory of Justice has been widely acclaimed as a book whose influence on the discussion of central questions in moral and political philosophy will be permanent. A brief review, writes Dr. Barry, would be of little more value than would be a brief review of Hobbes's Leviathan; instead, in this book he interprets Rawls's main tenets and discusses them with appropriate thoroughness. The book is in three parts. Chapters 1-5 set Rawls's theory in its intellectual context and (...)
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    Obligations to Future Generations.Richard I. Sikora & Brian M. Barry (eds.) - 1978 - White Horse Press.
    This reprint of a collection of essays on problems concerning future generations examines questions such as whether intrinsic value should be placed on the preservation of mankind, what are our obligations to posterity, and whether potential people have moral rights.
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    [Book Review] Democracy, Power, and Justice, Essays in Political Theory. [REVIEW]Brian M. Barry - 1993 - Ethics 103 (3):590-592.
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    Justice and the Common Good.Brian M. Barry - 1960 - Analysis 21 (4):86 - 90.
  6. A Treatise on Social Justice.Brian M. Barry - 1989
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  7. Political Argument.Brian M. Barry - 1967 - Philosophy 42 (161):280-281.
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