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    Alberto Gallace, Sophia Zeeden, Brigitte Röder & Charles Spence (2010). Lost in the Move? Secondary Task Performance Impairs Tactile Change Detection on the Body. Consciousness and Cognition 19 (1):215-229.
    Change blindness, the surprising inability of people to detect significant changes between consecutively-presented visual displays, has recently been shown to affect tactile perception as well. Visual change blindness has been observed during saccades and eye blinks, conditions under which people’s awareness of visual information is temporarily suppressed. In the present study, we demonstrate change blindness for suprathreshold tactile stimuli resulting from the execution of a secondary task requiring bodily movement. In Experiment 1, the ability of participants to detect changes between (...)
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    Brigitte Röder, Birthe Pagel & Tobias Heed (2013). The Implicit Use of Spatial Information Develops Later for Crossmodal Than for Intramodal Temporal Processing. Cognition 126 (2):301-306.
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    Thérèse Collins, Tobias Schicke & Brigitte Röder (2008). Action Goal Selection and Motor Planning Can Be Dissociated by Tool Use. Cognition 109 (3):363-371.
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    Tobias Heed, Verena N. Buchholz, Andreas K. Engel & Brigitte Röder (2015). Tactile Remapping: From Coordinate Transformation to Integration in Sensorimotor Processing. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 19 (5):251-258.
  5. Kathrin Lange & Brigitte Röder (2010). Temporal Orienting in Audition, Touch, and Across Modalities. In Anna C. Nobre & Jennifer T. Coull (eds.), Attention and Time. Oxford University Press. pp. 393--405.
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