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  1. Positioning: The Discursive Production of Selves.Bronwyn Davies & Rom Harré - 1990 - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 20 (1):43–63.
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  2. A Body of Writing, 1990-1999.Bronwyn Davies - 2000 - Altamira Press.
    Weaving together her most influential writings of the 1990s, Bronwyn Davies offers a unique engagement with poststructuralism that defies the boundaries between theory and embodied practice. Whereas poststructuralists are often accused of excessive abstraction, Davies' sophisticated and nuanced discussions of subjectivity, agency, epistemology, feminism, and power are embedded in vital depictions of lived experience and empirical research. A renowned scholar of education and gender formation, Davies shows the importance of poststructural perspectives for her own research in classrooms, on playgrounds, with (...)
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    Pedagogical Encounters.Bronwyn Davies & Susanne Gannon (eds.) - 2009 - Peter Lang.
    Introduction Bronwyn Davies We began this book at a collective biography workshop that Susanne and I convened in a house at Bombo on the south coast of New ...
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    Education for Sexism: A Theoretical Analysis of the Sex/Gender Bias in Education.Bronwyn Davies - 1989 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 21 (1):1–19.
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    Crossing the Boundaries: Educational Thought and Gender Equity.Mary Leach & Bronwyn Davies - 1990 - Educational Theory 40 (3):321-332.
  6. Introduction.Bronwyn Davies - 2007 - In Judith Butler & Bronwyn Davies (eds.), Judith Butler in Conversation: Analyzing the Texts and Talk of Everyday Life. Routledge.
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  7. Judith Butler in Conversation: Analyzing the Texts and Talk of Everyday Life.Judith Butler & Bronwyn Davies (eds.) - 2007 - Routledge.
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    Acknowledgment of External Reviewers for 2003.Joel Andreas, Amrita Basu, Fred Block, Davis John Boli, David Buchbinder, Fred Cooper, Clifton Crais, Bronwyn Davies, Frank Dobbin & Bruce G. Carruthers - 2004 - Theory and Society 33 (1):133-134.
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    Marriage and the Construction of Reality Revisited: An Educational Exercise in Rewriting Social Theory to Include Women's Experience.Bronwyn Davies - 1987 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 19 (1):20–28.
    SummaryA more careful delineation of the ideal‐typical marriage allows the flaws in Berger and Kellner's article to be examined. These flaws stem both from a rather too easy assumption that marriages are egalitarian relationships and that equality means sameness of experience between husbands and wives, and from the use of sexist language combined with a reliance on examples drawn primarily from the husband's experience. Their claim that marriage is a crucial nomic process where individuals gain a sense of identity and (...)
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