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    Neurochemical Models of Near-Death Experiences: A Large-Scale Study Based on the Semantic Similarity of Written Reports.Charlotte Martial, Héléna Cassol, Vanessa Charland-Verville, Carla Pallavicini, Camila Sanz, Federico Zamberlan, Rocío Martínez Vivot, Fire Erowid, Earth Erowid, Steven Laureys, Bruce Greyson & Enzo Tagliazucchi - 2019 - Consciousness and Cognition 69:52-69.
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    Biological Aspects of Near-Death Experiences.Bruce Greyson - 1997 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 42 (1):14-32.
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    ‘There is Nothing Paranormal About Near-Death Experiences’ Revisited: Comment on Mobbs and Watt.Bruce Greyson, Janice Miner Holden & Pim van Lommel - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (9):445.
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    Near-Death Experiences and Spirituality.Bruce Greyson - 2006 - Zygon 41 (2):393-414.
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    Near-Death Experiences and Systems Theories: A Biosociological Approach to Mystical States.Bruce Greyson - 1991 - Journal of Mind and Behavior 12 (4):487-508.
    Near-death experiences, transcendental experiences that frequently occur on the threshold of death, precipitate profound personality transformations that have defied explanation in terms of current psychodynamic and neurophysiologic models. A biosociological approach based on information and systems theories can elucidate anomalous features of both near-death phenomenology and the bipolar aftereffects of these mystical experiences. This biosociological model makes testable predictions about near-death experiencers and suggests fruitful future directions for the scientific study of mystical experience.
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    Corrigendum: Out-of-Body Experiences Associated with Seizures.Bruce Greyson - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.