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    Pleasures of Benthamism. Victorian Literature, Utility, Political Economy, Kathleen Blake, Oxford University Press, 2009, 267 Pages. [REVIEW]Bruna Ingrao - 2011 - Economics and Philosophy 27 (3):346-352.
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    The Equilibrium Image of the Market.Bruna Ingrao - 2004 - Journal des Economistes Et des Etudes Humaines 14 (2).
    The paper focuses on conceptual images of the market built on the core idea of equilibrium. It argues that logical difficulties and dead ends were encountered in building equilibrium models of the market. A heavy toll was paid in loss of realism, failure to understand history, and ineptitude in addressing relevant problems. Equilibrium economics is marked by the exclusion of a wide range of economic phenomena, with a codified lack of attention to change, transition and learning. The loss of relevance (...)
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