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  2.  77
    The Vegetative State: Medical Facts, Ethical and Legal Dilemmas.Bryan Jennett - 2002 - Cambridge University Press.
    A survey of the medical, ethical and legal issues that surround this controversial topic.
  3.  24
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  4. 30 years of the vegetative state: Clinical, ethical and legal problems.Bryan Jennett - 2006 - In Steven Laureys (ed.), Boundaries of Consciousness. Elsevier.
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  5. Medical ethics and economics in clinical decision making.Bryan Jennett - 1988 - In Gavin H. Mooney & Alistair McGuire (eds.), Medical Ethics and Economics in Health Care. Oxford University Press. pp. 90--102.
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  6. Quality of care and cost containment in the U.s. And U.k.Bryan Jennett - 1989 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 10 (3).
    Many activities of doctors in the acute hospital sector do not improve patient outcome because they are inappropriate. Curtailing interventions that are unnecessary (because the patient is not bad enough) or are unsuccessful (because the condition is too advanced) could both save resources and improve care. Rational rationing depends on knowledge about the expected benefits of various technologies when used in different clinical circumstances.
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    The case for letting vegetative patients die.Bryan Jennett - 1992 - Ethics and Medicine: A Christian Perspective on Issues in Bioethics 9 (3):40-44.
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    The donor doctor's dilemma.Bryan Jennett - 1975 - Journal of Medical Ethics 1 (2):63-66.
    Professor Jennett first defines the term `brain death' and the problems arising from a diagnosis of death, some the result of recent technological advances. The diagnosis is not necessarily connected with donor transplants, although in the popular mind this is still so. The criteria for establishing brain death and the sources of potential error in this diagnosis are outlined. The diagnosis of brain death can be made confidently, as is already common practice, and this should become standard good medical practice.
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    Treatment of Critical Illness in the Elderly.Bryan Jennett - 1994 - Hastings Center Report 24 (5):21-22.