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    Burkhart Fischer (2001). Misperceptions Dependent on Oculomotor Activity. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 24 (5):982-983.
    Two visual phenomena are described in which oculomotor activity (saccades) changes our conscious perception: (1) some geometrical visual illusions disappear when saccades are suppressed, and (2) misperceptions occur in an antisaccade task with attentional precues. The first phenomenon shows that what we consciously perceive depends on how we look. The second phenomena indicates that a saccade itself may remain unconscious together with the accompanying changes of the retinal image.
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    Burkhart Fischer (2003). Frontal Lobe Functions in Reading: Evidence From Dyslexic Children Performing Nonreading Saccade Tasks. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (4):484-486.
    Reichle et al. show that saccades in reading are controlled by linguistic processing. The authors' Figure 13 shows the parietal and frontal eye fields as parts of a neural implementation. This commentary presents data from dyslexics performing nonreading saccade tasks. The dyslexics exhibit deficits in antisaccade control. Improvement of the deficits is achieved in 85% of the cases and results in advantages in learning how to read.
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    Burkhart Fischer (1999). Voluntary and Involuntary Components in Saccade and Attention Control. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (4):684-685.
    This commentary considers experimental material – some new, some from earlier studies – challenging the model presented by Findlay & Walker. It concentrates on the role of voluntary and involuntary visual attention versus fixation in saccade control and on the generation of antisaccades, reflexive prosaccades, and corrective saccades. The data of a large number of subjects are presented to show the systematic relationship between voluntary saccade generation, error production, and error correction in an antisaccade task.
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