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    Reconstruction of Superoperators From Incomplete Measurements.Mário Ziman, Martin Plesch & Vladimír Buž zek - 2006 - Foundations of Physics 36 (1):127-156.
    We present strategies how to reconstruct (estimate) properties of a quantum channel described by the map E based on incomplete measurements. In a particular case of a qubit channel a complete reconstruction of the map E can be performed via complete tomography of four output states E[ρj] that originate from a set of four linearly independent “test” states ρj (j = 1,2,3,4) at the input of the channel. We study the situation when less than four linearly independent states are transmitted (...)
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    Are Events Ontologically Basic?Sibel Kibar - 2009 - Ethos: Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology 3 (3):4.
    After Einstein presented his “special theory of relativity” with its marvelous principles, “principle of relativity” and “the constant speed of light”, it led to bizarre implications, such as, time dilation, length contraction, energy-mass conversion, and invariance of the space-time interval, we had trouble to understand these stunning consequences with our very classical ontology, which can be regarded as Aristotelian ontology. Thus, both physicists and philosophers have required a new kind of ontology, capable of explaining the new phenomena. Hermann Minkovski proposed (...)
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