1.  43
    How Can Selection-for-Perception Be Decoupled From Selection-for-Action?Cécile Beauvillain & Pierre Pouget - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (4):478-479.
    Evidence is presented for the notion that selection-for-perception and selection-for-action progress in parallel to become tightly coupled at the saccade target before the execution of the movement. Such a conception might be incorporated in the E-Z Reader model of eye-movement control in reading.
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  2.  21
    Change in Motor Plan with a Change in the Selection of the to-Be-Recognized Word.Cécile Beauvillain - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (4):674-675.
    New experimental evidence throws doubt on postulating no relationship between saccade control and visual object recognition. The control of saccades during reading depends on the perceptual system mediating object recognition.
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  3.  6
    Why Limit the Availability of a Prime-Word in the Study of Automatic Contextual Facilitation?Juan Segui & Cécile Beauvillain - 1987 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 (4):766.