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  1. Moral Masquerades: Experimental Exploration of the Nature of Moral Motivation.C. Daniel Batson - 2008 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 7 (1):51-66.
    Why do people act morally – when they do? Moral philosophers and psychologists often assume that acting morally in the absence of incentives or sanctions is a product of a desire to uphold one or another moral principle (e.g., fairness). This form of motivation might be called moral integrity because the goal is to actually be moral. In a series of experiments designed to explore the nature of moral motivation, colleagues and I have found little evidence of moral integrity. We (...)
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  2. A Scientific Search for Altruism: Do We Only Care About Ourselves?C. Daniel Batson - 2019 - Oup Usa.
    This book traces the scientific search for altruism through numerous studies and attempts to examine various motivational suspects, reaching the improbable conclusion that empathy-induced altruism is indeed part of our nature. The book then considers the implications of this conclusion both for our understanding of who we are as humans and for how we might create a more humane society.
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  3. What’s Wrong with Morality?C. Daniel Batson - 2011 - Emotion Review 3 (3):230-236.
    Why do moral people so often fail to act morally? Standard scientific answers point to poor moral judgment (based on deficient character development, reason, or intuition) or to situational pressure. I consider a third possibility: a relative lack of truly moral motivation and emotion. What has been taken for moral motivation is often instead a subtle form of egoism. Recent research provides considerable evidence for moral hypocrisy—motivation to appear moral while, if possible, avoid the cost of actually being moral—but very (...)
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    Doing Business After the Fall: The Virtue of Moral Hypocrisy.C. Daniel Batson, Elizabeth Collins & Adam A. Powell - 2006 - Journal of Business Ethics 66 (4):321-335.
    Moral hypocrisy is motivation to appear moral yet, if possible, avoid the cost of actually being moral. In business, moral hypocrisy allows one to engender trust, solve the commitment problem, and still relentlessly pursue personal gain. Indicating the power of this motive, research has provided clear and consistent evidence that, given the opportunity, many people act to appear fair (e.g., they flip a coin to distribute resources between themselves and another person) without actually being fair (they accept the flip only (...)
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  5. What's Wrong with Morality?: A Social-Psychological Perspective.C. Daniel Batson - 2015 - Oxford University Press USA.
    Most works on moral psychology direct our attention to the positive role morality plays for us as individuals, as a society, even as a species. In What's Wrong with Morality?, C. Daniel Batson takes a different approach: he looks at morality as a problem. The problem is not that it is wrong to be moral, but that our morality often fails to produce these intended results. Why? Some experts believe the answer lies in lack of character. Others say we are (...)
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    Unto Others: A Service... And a Disservice.C. Daniel Batson - 2000 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 7 (1-2):207-210.
    Sober and Wilson (1998) render a valuable service by bringing together discussions of evolutionary altruism and psychological altruism. They do a disservice by interpreting the results of experiments designed to test for the existence of psychological altruism as less conclusive than the data warrant. Sober and Wilson claim that new egoistic explanations can account for the existing experimental evidence, but they only offer explanations that have already been ruled out. Insofar as I know, no plausible egoistic explanation currently exists for (...)
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    Linguistic Analysis and Psychological Explanations of the Mental.C. Daniel Batson - 1972 - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 2 (1):37–59.
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    Seeing the Light: What Does Biology Tell Us About Human Social Behavior?C. Daniel Batson - 1994 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (4):610-611.
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    Commentary Discussion of Sober and Wilson's' Unto Others'.C. Daniel Batson - 2000 - In Leonard Katz (ed.), Evolutionary Origins of Morality: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives. Imprint Academic. pp. 1--1.
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    Core Psychological Functions.C. Daniel Batson & El Stocks - 2004 - In Jeff Greenberg, Sander L. Koole & Tom Pyszczynski (eds.), Handbook of Experimental Existential Psychology. Guilford Press. pp. 141.