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Cayetano Fernández-Sola [3]C. Fernandez-Sola [1]
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    New Regulation of the Right to a Dignified Dying in Spain: Repercussions for Nursing.C. Fernandez-Sola, J. Granero-Molina, G. A. Manrique, A. M. Castro-Sanchez, J. M. Hernandez-Padilla & J. Marquez-Membrive - 2012 - Nursing Ethics 19 (5):619-628.
    Preserving dignity during the dying process requires reviewing the roles of those involved in the treatment, care methods and decision-making. This article examines the participation and responsibility assigned to nurses regarding decision-making in the final stages of life, as laid out in the Rights to and Guarantee of Dignity for the Individual During the Process of Death Act. This text has been analysed on the levels of socio-cultural practice and discourse practice, using the critical discourse analysis methodology. The results show (...)
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    Habermasian Knowledge Interests: Epistemological Implications for Health Sciences.José Granero-Molina, Cayetano Fernández-Sola, José María Muñoz Terrón & Cayetano Aranda Torres - 2015 - Nursing Philosophy 16 (2):77-86.
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    Applying a Sociolinguistic Model to the Analysis of Informed Consent Documents.José Granero-Molina, Cayetano Fernández-Sola & Gabriel Aguilera-Manrique - 2009 - Nursing Ethics 16 (6):797-812.
    Information on the risks and benefits related to surgical procedures is essential for patients in order to obtain their informed consent. Some disciplines, such as sociolinguistics, offer insights that are helpful for patient—professional communication in both written and oral consent. Communication difficulties become more acute when patients make decisions through an informed consent document because they may sign this with a lack of understanding and information, and consequently feel deprived of their freedom to make their choice about different treatments or (...)
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    Defining Dignity in End-of-Life Care in the Emergency Department.Cayetano Fernández-Sola, María Mar Díaz Cortés, José Manuel Hernández-Padilla, Cayetano José Aranda Torres, José María Muñoz Terrón & José Granero-Molina - 2017 - Nursing Ethics 24 (1):20-32.
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